A teacher with students

An account of an open-minded school for children with major educational and social problems.

Dr. Alex Gray

A clock

A modest proposal from an ex-inspector.

Derry Hannam

Phoenix Education Trust Logo

There are more really free schools in the UK than you might think.

Danny Whitehouse

Image of an escape

Some unfortunate results of friendly fire, but a continued attack on hope.

David Gribble

David Gribble tells us what he learned at Eton. What did you learn?


A clear account of a school where young people between the ages of four and eighteen really decide what they are going to do each day, and there are no lessons.

Daniel Greenberg

Portrait of Margaret Thatcher

How a grammar school education in the 1970s failed to develop an artistic talent.

Roger Birchall

Unhappy boy

Fronted Adverbials.


Conferences in the UK and elsewhere

A girl looking thoughtful

Falko Peschel introduces a number of short films about his work

IWW Logo

Chris W of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) sets out the background to their latest education workers campaign

Students having a discussion

The Phoenix Education Trust explain some of their activities

Stature of a man

The curriculum cop puts down a revolt at the Spartacus Academy in Luton

playing in the river

A description of the village for abused, orphaned or abandoned children in Thailand, adapted from their website


Why and how they avoided conventional assemblies at William Booth primary school

Andy Mattison

a semi-colon

The boss goes down with semi-colonitis

Self Managed Leaning College Logo
The Centre for Self-Managed Learning meets OFSTED

Ian Cunningham

The damage done by lining-up, and how to avoid it

Andy Mattison

Helping school students to discover their own interests

Jenifer Smith

Small Classes or Death

Drawing of a boy

Ken Hosey
An assessment of the problems faced by boys when the school leaving age was raised to sixteen in 1973, still all too familiar.

Plowden report cover

Andy Mattison
A reflection on the Plowden Report's recommendation that teachers should care tenderly for individuals.

Dr Samuel Johnson

A few timely quotations.

Swastica flag

The Last Trump.

dartington in conisbrough 98

Reviewed by C V Pawsey

A new review of a book that has perhaps been neglected because of its misleadingly obscure title


Curriculum Cop 11

Finland flag

An introduction to an article by William Doyle.

ecole dynamique logo

Ramin Farhanghi

A new school in Paris


Patrick Neustatter

A doctor's view of the effects of modern education

Self Managed Learning College Logo

Ian Cunningham

Preparing children for jobs that don't exist any more

random words

Curriculum Cop 10

Curriculum Cop tears into academies, among many other things

Edge Foundation logo

The Edge Foundation opposes the policy to require 90% of 16-year-olds to enter GCSEs in the full English Baccalaureate.

Willow Tree

The inspiration of local history

Jo Carrington

Self Managed learning College logo

An introduction to the Self-Managed Learning College

Ian Cunningham


Why most adults can’t manage democratic discussions

Jason Preater


Curriculum Cop 9


A transcript of a Radio Four Thought broadcast

Rachel Roberts

A pollarded tree

How children who have had their talents chopped off, have been helped to recover

Ian Cunningham

Zoe Readhead

How the Department for Education is wriggling out of the commitments agreed in 2000

Zoe Redhead


Curriculum Cop 8


An experiment in free, co-operative higher education


A successful alternative school in Japan

Shinichiro Hori

CWC logo

Concerned for Working Children (CWC)

Rivington St sign

An account of an attempted innovation in 1968

Jakob Jakobsen

Etonian student

Curriculum Cop

USA Flag

Reactions against imposed curricula in the USA and the UK

French Flag
A French educator’s reaction to the recent terrorist attacks

Jean-Pierre Quayret

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