Falko Peschel’s Bildungsschule Harzberg, where young children decide how to use their time.

Student Voice Logo
How school pupils are indoctrinated in thinking about education.

A distinction between statistics and reality.

Book cover
William Brown, as reported by Richmal Crompton.

Curriculum Cop assures us that it is not.

A small infringement of school uniform rules.

Two boys

The work of the amazing Indian group, Concerned for Working Children.


A TED.x talk by the founder of Nuestra Escuela in Puerto Rico.

Downhills school

An account of the government assault on Down Hills Primary School in Tottenham.

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A report and some news of developments

How the traditional Italian school makes life difficult for anarchist teachers

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An account of the discovery of the importance of choice
Sean Bellamy

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Curriculum Cop

Zombie Students
A communiqué from the Coalition of Grassroots Educators

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A review of Nick Duffel's book on the harm done by boarding-school survivors
David Gribble

Students interviewing each other
A documentary made by a group of London school students.

Jess Green
Written and performed by poet Jess Green.

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Programme Announcement for the March conference

A teacher, Ms Zhang, slapping a student in the face at her class. The Chinese characters on the wall say ‘self-confidence’, ‘being united as one’ and ‘diligence’. (From the internet)
What happens in the schools in Shanghai

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A new look at Paul Goodman’s Compulsory Miseducation

Homer Lane
The Centenary of The Little Commonwealth

Curriculum Cop
Curriculum Cop welcomes traditional methods

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A last-minute chance to apply for a scholarship to study ‘Freedom to Learn’.

Factory School
Teachers in despair over the current atmosphere in schools.
Hussein Lucas

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The common core curriculum in the USA is fiercely criticised.
Jerry Mintz

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REEVO, AER0 and the Phoenix Education Trust are all preparing maps of sites of alternative or democratic education...

Curriculum Cop returns to the Lib Ed pages with a report on a new Govian free school

Snads School video
A film of Sands School by former student Rosa Tyler Clark

Fascinating Aida on Ofsted
A song by Fascinating Aida

La Educación Prohibida
A film about the ways schools prevent authentic education, with English subtitles.

IDEC 2013
Kaia and Megan Bellamy, Tom Wright and Simone Turner
Four students tell of their experiences at the 2013 IDEC in Colorado.

No Homework and Recess All Day Cover
Jerry Mintz’s new book, reviewed by Hussein Lucas

Teacher pointing
Lib Ed outdoes Michael Gove in outrageous proposals

Hammer and Sickle symbol
A Russian school student describes current education in the CIS

Children on steps
A young child's choice of work
Amukta Mahapatra

The launch of the Save Childhood movement, and values in early education.
Alisdhair Mussell


Children playing
The manifesto from a book on how to give your children places to play outside.
Mike Lanza

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A charity offering weekly play therapy sessions at primary schools in London
Ros Kane

Alex Bloom
Alex Bloom: part 3 : Freedom in Community
Michael Fielding

Cartoon boy holding exam sheet
An account of why a newly trained teacher decided to leave the profession
David Hansen

Alex Bloom
Alex Bloom: Introduction and Part 1 Freedom From Michael Fielding

School of thought: The New Education Between the Wars:
a forthcoming film 

Joanna Grudzinksa


Wall Art
We master what we practise. So what do we want to practise?

Trevanion Grenfell

Jacques Rancière
In his book, The Ignorant Schoolmaster, Jacques Rancière sets out the radical theory that is the core of most of his later work.

Stefan Szczelkun

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Only a small number can imagine a different way to do things.

Richard Fransham

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Downloadable files of the first three LTA bulletins.

line drawing of the school
As an undiagnosed autistic, Maurice Frank suffered severely at school from being classified as gifted and talented. 

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Details of the 2013 IDEC and Eudec Conferences.