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A communiqué from the Coalition of Grassroots Educators

Dear friends,

Please join teachers, carers, parents, students and children in the Zombie Bloc at the National Union of Teachers strike day (most likely JUNE 25th) to stop the education apocalypse.

Start working on your zombie costume now and show the world what the future looks like if we don't resist!

Right now, teachers and students are under attack! Education Minister Michael Gove is eating our brains! Teachers to relentless pressure and overwork, our holidays are being cut and our weekends are under threat. We are forced to work until we're 68. Our pay is being tied to the progress our students make. Our ability to work creatively and with care is threatened as we are increasingly inspected and surveilled by managers with increased power. Meanwhile, children as young as 4 are subjected to endless testing and ten hour school days. The life is being sucked out of our state owned schools as they sold off to corporations and run for profit.

This is not just a fight for schools, its a fight for the kind of society we want to live in. This is about saying No to entrenching profit logic at the expense of creativity and care. This is about saying No to cuts and No to austerity. This is about asking how our schools might look if our needs were placed at their heart. Gove and the Tories want us all atomised and brain dead! Education is an issue for us all, and to win, we must all fight back.

Please forward this event widely through your networks, invite your friends and family.


Tweet from your personal accounts and use the hashtags:




In solidarity,
The Coalition of Grassroots Educators


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