Book coverWilliam Brown

As reported by Richmal Crompton, in William the Detective (1935)

"What's the good of us usin' up all our brains at school so's we'll  have none left when we're grown up an' have to earn our livings? I'd rather keep mine fresh by not usin' it till I'm grown up an need it. I think that's why grown-ups are so stupid, 'cause they've used up all their brains over Latin an' hist'ry an' suchlike when they were at school, an' haven't got any left. I'm jolly well not goin' to use mine up like that, I can tell you. I bet I'll be cleverer than anyone when I'm grown up jus' 'cause I won't have used up all my brains over lessons same as some people do."

"When I ask my father anythin' about lessons he always says he's forgotten 'cause it's so long since he was at school, and then he says I've gotter work hard at school so's I'll know a lot when I'm grown up. Doesn't seem sense to me. Learnin' a lot of stuff like Latin an' hist'ry jus' to forget it."

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